Apartments & Condos

You must be thinking how we can establish a victory garden in our Apartments and Condos. Well, you certainly can and we will help you in figuring that out. You can start planting a seed anywhere, even when the places you live in are small. We have to make best use of our energy and time into establishing something that is worth fighting for. You can make the best use of a small place or the place where adequate space is an issue. Contact us for advice and assistance.

Community Urban Gardens

As shown by statistics, around 15 percent of the world’s food is now grown in the urban areas. It is a sustainable system that helps the families belonging to urban communities who are in need. Hunger is cured and the garden naturally enhances and beautifies the place.  It is also an excellent place for students to learn and educate others. They also learn how to give back to their communities and the importance of giving.  Serving as a catalyst for educational and community building programs. It includes-

  • Community Outreach
  • Tending and Harvesting
  • Community Development & Outreach
  • Soil Health
  • Garden prepping
Grow Food- NOT LAWNS

What do you think has a better leverage over the other? A trimmed and prepped lawn or food which is organic and free from chemicals? Why expend the effort and resources to grow hay (your lawn) that is not put to use? This shift from engineered food to natural grown plants is highly essential to the long term survival of mankind. We are to make ourselves self efficient and not dependent on the likes of those corporations who want to rule the agricultural and food sector. Our health and our families’ health is more important than a eye pleasing lawn. So, use the space you have to become prepared for future, and help nature do what it does best.


A homestead is a place where a person and/or family cultivates the land and  becomes  self sufficient. A homesteader strives to live off of the land by growing and raising what they eat. Although they might sell a few things here or there, that really isn’t there primary goal. They are the ‘back-to-the-land’ kind of people who appreciate the organic or natural growing practices. They use what they can on their land to make it more sustainable. Sometimes farmers can lose sight of a more sustainable approach and just get caught up in the more conventional ways to farm. Their creativity can diminish and their only goal is to make enough money.  Our goal should be to  live off the land by consuming what we grow and use what we have without relying on outside resources as much as possible. A true “Off Grid” Living Experience.

Market Gardens (also refereed to as “truck patches”)

It is a small scale production of food including fruits and vegetables and it is directly sold to consumers and restaurants. Since the growing area is less the supply is ranged to local growing season. Unlike large industrial farms, which practice mono-culture and mechanization, many different crops and varieties are grown with manual labor and gardening techniques are used. Involvement in a market garden lets groups who otherwise have few marketable skills apart from their labor, become actively involved in the market economy. It does not rely on education or language, it adapts well to providing work for extended family groups, and in large market growing regions even wider community support networks, therefore it proves to be highly beneficial for people who are not skilled.