In accordance with our parent organization’s mission is to “take back our farms, food, families, and freedom”.  Part of that includes helping build strong communities via direct to consumer barter, trade and exchange for monetary value. We here at GTKYF Foundation Inc want to see you not only succeed, but thrive. therefore we are here to help you develope direct to consumer sales platforms and avenues for your specific operation. thereby keeping more of your income for your family and community.


  • Make sure the produce is fresh
  • It is chemical free i.e. free from pesticides and chemically based fertilizers
  • The seeds are GMO (genetically modified organism) free
  • Educating others is important

If you want to learn more about direct to consumer please contact us.

We are happy to help!

Exciting News from our parent organization as we embark on opening and revitalizing existing farmers markets. Look for more information in the coming months: