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Online Classifieds With Heart
3rd February 2019
Your alternative to the Craig’s lists Of this World

Our Parent organization has embarked on a huge project to take back the interwebs for the people: One aspect of the interwebs that has been instrumental in helping build and promote off grid – out of the box economy has been the elephant in the room – Craig’s List. Over the course of the last year they have been becoming more and more about money and less about community. Even getting to the point where they broke the billion dollar level of sales in 2018. By starting to charge for the services that have been FREE for o so long. On top of their now charging they have become over run with spam and big business portraying themselves as the little guy in order to compete. Well, We had enough and built a whole NEW platform. www.FamilyFarmer.Market, along with several other domains will be FREE – Supported by donations. And get this – we have actual HUMAN volunteer moderators to help us police for the spam, scams, and even try and keep the big business out.

So the Next time you want to advertise on Craigslist, make sure to check out the better alternative of and the other exciting classified domains and geographic locations we are adding rapidly.