As the seasons grow:
Cold Cold Cold – brrrrrrrrr
3rd February 2019

Across the United States and Canada We are experiencing record breaking cold these days. So, we here at Farm Fresh Media, the folks responsible for this and many other websites under our joint parent organization GTKYF FOUNDATION INC thought we should write about how this extreme cold relates to sustainable agriculture and environment.

So, sit back, and spend some time reading from the many articles we  have produced across our networks and platform.

  • What is the sustainable gardener to do when the cold sets in?
  • Ways to keep warm…
  • Our thoughts on the benefits of these cold snaps in relation to agriculture:
  • Here’s to dreaming of warmer days with our toes in the soil:


Now, What to do when these extreme cold sets in:

Hopefully, all those reading this article as I write it are cozy and warm with their loved ones by the fire. With all of their pets, livestock, and seedlings tucked in and waiting out the snow squalls. While you are sitting on the couch or in your rocker why not crack open that seed catalog and make out your wish list for this coming season?  By now most of us have a budget of what we think is reasonable for seed and garden  purchases this year.  With the vast number of seed dealers for heirloom and conventional (NOT that we support conventional seed!) Your options and the availability to price shop seems never ending.  A few things to think about when you are considering purchasing from a new or for that matter an old seed supplier is supporting those who are SMALL FAMILY BUSINESSES as well as those whose quality is tried and true for you and others. Keep in mind that over the years companies like MONSANTO have tried repeatedly, and sometimes with limited success to infiltrate the heirloom and organic seed markets.  While we cannot speak for their exact motives, none of us would surmise that that they are remotely good or well intentions.  We would encourage you to research and learn who is behind the seed companies you are considering and learn about their exact beliefs when it comes to our FOOD and ENVIRONMENT. So, why not take some time while the wind and snow are howling outside to educate yourself on where and who are the best places to get the seeds to plant in the coming months? As for supporting the little family based companies. That is what made Americas economy the envy of the world for many years was our strong LOCAL economic engine powered by the family run small business. Just some food for thought as you consider your options.

Now one of the things I enjoy is a small area in one of the gardens I actively participate in doing what I call my experiment plot. That’s where I grow something different or something I haven’t tried before. The enjoyment of seeing a kinda tomato that I haven’t tried before grow and then getting to taste it adds to the excitement and suspense of my experiment plot. Not all of my experiment plants turn out good. Sometimes they just are not suited for the area event thought I tried to pick ones that will grow in the area where I plant them. Sometimes the nutrient and water needs are not quite right for that specific type. All of this leans towards a learning and determining what I like and works best. Consider this season doing your own experiment plot and add to the wonder and excitement of your victory garden.

Ethan The Farmer, Founder and Executive Director GTKYF Foundation Inc.

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